Why Am I Here?

One of the great questions just about every human strives to answer for himself or herself is this: Why am I here? Deep within the human heart is the desire for significance, identity, and purpose. For Christians, we understand that we are able to find all three through Jesus, the Messiah, the ultimate solution to the greatest of questions. But still, why are we here? Why did God create us–the God who doesn’t need anything or anyone?

To this, I believe the answer is two-fold:

1) We are here to enjoy God’s grace. God deeply longs to bless, to love, to give, to forgive, to show grace. It’s part of who he is. It’s in his nature. It’s an integral part of his character. If we had never been created, to whom could he bless or offer his grace?

2) We are here to extend his glory. We have been commanded to “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them… and teaching them…” (Matt. 28:19-20) Notice that I used the word commanded. To go, to baptize, and to teach is not simply a calling, as if to say some may and some may not; it is an obligation, a foundational created purpose to which we should respond, “Here I am, Lord. Send me.” I refuse to believe that I am the object of the Christian message… It’s not about how much God loves me; it’s about my willingness to respond in obedience and make his name great in the process–God loves me so that I might extend his glory unto the nations.

So, today, if you’re struggling to find answers to life’s fundamental questions, be encouraged. You, friend, are not alone… But understand this: To love God, to know him, and to make his name great–that’s why you’re here. What can you do today to make much of his name?

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