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The easy answer is simple ... "because you can." You have an innate desire to see "something more." At EXCEED, we are intentional about empowering you to exceed right where you are.

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It's About Life

Coaching that helps you grow!

Nothing changes unless something changes. Even in physical exercise, your muscles will begin adapting and stop growing if you don’t change up your regimen.  Are you ready to experience more? The EXCEED life awaits.

  • The EXCEED Mindset

  • Core Spiritual Disciplines

  • Your Mission at Home

  • Your Mission in Culture

  • Your Calling in Ministry

  • Your Destiny in Christ

"For my Destiny!"
"For my Home!"
It's About Family

Coaching that changes your home!

We know how easy it is to be overwhelmed. But here’s the good news … you don’t have to figure it out by yourself. Through the EXCEED coaching experience, you will develop the necessary skills and practices to build faith at home.




"For my church!"
It's About Pastors

Coaching to grow your church!

Most pastors aim to grow, but sometimes don’t know how. Exceed empowers you to experience Ephesians 3:20–to help you radically grow in both life & ministry.

Don’t go it alone.
Get 1 on 1 coaching now.

“Every time I coach pastors I see growth. I am amazed at their progress.”

Wayman Ming
Founder & President, EXCEED Int.