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EXCEED helps churches navigate the unique vision God has called them to.  We coach Lead Pastors personally as well as do on site visits & Leadership Training for Staff.

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  • "Genuine And Caring..."

    "Through Wayman I received bonded friendship. I received growth in my spiritual walk with Christ and the brotherhood. I received genuine care and concern for my whole being—body, soul, and spirit."

    KEVIN JERLS Northland Abundant Life Worship Center, Kansas City, Missouri
  • "Years Of Experience And Seasons Of Study"

    "With years of experience and seasons of study, Wayman comes at you with an energetic style that leaves you running through a troop and leaping over a wall. His attention to detail and high expectations remind us that small things are the beginning of big things!"

    MIKE HAMILTON Calvary World Outreach Center, Fresno, California
  • "He Clearly Cares About Those Around Him..."

    "I’ve met many high capacity leaders as well as those who are visionary and creative. My first impressions of Wayman were simply he has attributes of all three of those characteristics. Wayman clearly cares about those around him. He is a great leader and loves to share what he has learned in life with those who are willing to listen and learn."

    KELLY WARD Faith Assembly Church, Charleston, North Carolina

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