We’ve Been Praying Wrong

I’m constantly reminded of the importance of prayer. It’s the communication between Father and child. It’s the tool through which heaven meets earth. It’s the instrument of blessing and divine favor. And I was challenged this past weekend that no matter what life throws at us, our first response should ALWAYS be prayer. But did you realize that sometimes we have a little bit of a skewed idea of prayer?

First of all, prayer is not demanding. We could never pray so fervently or passionately that we somehow force God to eat out of our hands. While God earnestly desires to give us our hearts’ desires, the things we WANT are not always the things we NEED.

Secondly, oftentimes the things we pray for have already been given to us through the Holy Spirit. Perhaps you need guidance in decision-making. The Father has already sent you the Guide. Maybe you’re uncertain and need wise counsel. The Father has already sent you the Wonderful Counselor. If you’re hurting and need comfort, the Father has already sent you the Comforter. If you need love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, or self-control, the Father has already sent you the source–the Holy Spirit.

May we understand today that the Holy Spirit has made his home in our hearts and that he is present and active precisely when we need him most. Perhaps we should alter our prayers a bit today. Instead of begging or demanding, let’s try declaring our thankfulness to him for (1) not only being available to provide our greatest needs, but for (2) coming down from heaven and putting up residence inside our hearts.

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