Get Off the Treadmill

Have you ever felt like you’re walking through life on the proverbial treadmill? Like there’s something holding you back? Like no matter how many steps you take, you still don’t seem to be going anywhere?

In John 10, Jesus encounters a situation that could have led to a complete halt on his entire purpose and ministry… A group of hostile Jews attempt to stone him (or at least slow him down), but despite such opposition, we read, “They were trying again to seize Him, yet He eluded their grasp (Jn. 10:39).

If even Jesus had to elude the enemy’s grasp in order to keep moving forward, it seems that it would be especially important for us to pay careful attention to the areas in our own lives that might be susceptible to enemy infiltration.

How has your time and energy management been lately? What has been occupying the majority of your thoughts? How well have you loved your spouse, family, neighbors, coworkers, etc. this week? Where have you been spending your money?

Take a moment today and reflect upon the areas where the enemy might be reaching out to take hold of your life, and then develop a strategy for each area to help you elude the enemy’s grasp. Perhaps you’ll get off the treadmill.

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